The development of Beer-Sheva's Tech Ecosystem calls for a new startup accelerator, the likes of which, unseen before in the Negev in quality, enabled via local Cyber expertise, devoted to creating strong  ustainable companies in Seed stage, sending them off as successful ambassadors of Beer-Sheva's cyber scene.


Building a program that assists Seed-stage startups is easy. Actually building successful companies is the hard part. In order to do that, we need to leverage a substantial competitive advantage, not only for the program to be meaningful but also to rationally compete with other national accelerators.


The ecosystem is developed enough to support the creation of performing startup ventures but not enough new companies arise. We want to dramatically increase support to Seed stage companies for them to survive the Valley of Death.


The time and location are right for the Cyber corporates, bureau, military and academia to unite! creating an unrivaled accelerator product, unique enough in its proposition to draw cyber entrepreneurs at first locally, then nationally and eventually globally.


Cyber entrepreneurs, in the pre-seed stage which has not yet raised over $ 100,000 from investors or government programs.



  • Training content - weekly training days for 3 months [12].

  • Biweekly mentoring session.

  • Go-To-Market strategy, Competitors and cooperations.

  • MVP and OEM.

  • Social PR.

  • Funding panel( VC, ey, legal).

  • Patents (legal, VC, corporate).  

  • Working with channels- legal, tax ).

  • USA marketing.

  • Export Institute and iia.

  • Business models.

  • Storytelling.

  • Investor pitch.