Entrepreneurs at heart but haven’t found the right platform?

Got a brilliant idea but are missing the correct tools?

Starter is offering an acceleration program for students!

For the past four years,  Starter has launched the entrepreneurial program at Ben Gurion University. The program accompanies student entrepreneurs on the way to pursuing their ideas, providing advice in the business and technological fields with professional and personal support by mentors.


The accelerator program takes place on weekly meetings over the course of two months, where along with support from the mentors, the participants will be connected to the activity in the local and global startup scene- through lectures, visits and workshops by startups, venture capital funds, and key influencers in the innovation industry.


At the end of the program, a Demo Day will take place in front of investors and potential partners in order to link the participants’ startup to the outer world, on their way to success. Your journey to the innovation world starts with us


“Round Tables” with professionals

A major part of an entrepreneurs success depends on the level of the venture being realistic. In order to strengthen this, the teams will meet with experienced entrepreneurs and experts from different fields who will grant them with tools to help manage different factors in the market- lawers, accountents, designers, developers, marketing experts and more. The meetings will give the teams the chance to present their venture and receive real criticism and validation.



Throughout the process, the participants are exposed to over 50 of Israel's startup key players, connecting them to future learning and business opportunities.



Other than the general presentation, the participants are given the opportunity to personally pitch to investors and venture capital funds at the end of the program in order to receive feedback and gain real experience.




Each venture is matched with a consultant for a few hours each month, providing the participants with mentoring and advice on a tactic and micro level.



Mentors and expert speakers develop the participants abilities in marketing, speaking in front of an audience, pitching and more.


Combining theoretical background and hands-on training, the seminars are a main factor in fulfilling the participants vision. For example, creating a business plan , choosing a business model canvas, marketing plans and more.

Extra Events

  • Startup tour in the Gav-Yam Negev High-Tech Park

  • Fun icebreaker Activities