Promoting IT Innovation between Companies and Students in Ruhr Metropolis and Israel

The Ruhr-Israel Cyber Activator is a unique promoting open innovation through tailored solutions to the challenges  facing established companies in the Ruhr Metropolis.

Companies from the Ruhr Metropolis present actual cyber challenges for the teams –  comprising German and Israeli students from the field

IT-security. The challenges come from companies in  areas such as healthcare / medtech, media, smart city, logistics or Industry 4.0.

4 challenges
in the field of IT security

16 students
from Germany and Israel

4 companies
from the Ruhr Metropolis



Businesspeople and students from the Ruhr Metropolis and Israel form international teams  and participate in an eleven-week programme, consisting of a kick-off workshop, a virtual  co-operation stage and a pitch session to the companies. The teams are supported  throughout the programme by highly-qualified mentors, in order to find tailored solutions  for the challenges proposed by the companies.

Part I. Kick-off workshop in the Ruhr Metropolis

The four companies and 16 students participating in the RICA programme come together for an intensive kick-off workshop in Essen and Bochum, at which the four challenges are introduced and the individual binational teams formed.

Part II. 1. Virtual co-operation stage (nine weeks)

The teams develop custom solutions for the challenges of the companies and are supported in this by virtual mentoring and online tools for ideal co-operation.

Part III. Pitch session in Israel - 1-3 June 2020

In the course of a two-day workshop at the Tech 7 in Be'er Sheva all those involved in the RICA programme come together and the student teams present their innovative solutions to the companies.


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Innovation Challenge of  Funke Medien Gruppe

Successful attack of our video platform  without getting recognized

Innovation Challenge of Hans Soldan GmbH

LawFirm IT-Security Check Application  development

Innovation Challenge of Vonovia SE

Holistic and Secure Communication Interface for Buildings

Innovation Challenge of University Medicine Essen

Harm or Charm: a campus wide Bluetooth low energy network


•Integration of innovative, tailored solutions into the product/service portfolio of the  company

•Examination of business models and ideas by a team of motivated students and  companies

•Potential foundation stone laying for an innovative start-up

•Intercultural exchange with the innovative specialists of tomorrow

•Reviews and feedback from experienced mentors and start-up specialists from Israel and Germany

•Growing Network of Innovation Bridge Israel